Everyone has a cold except for me!

So my husband came down with a really bad head cold last week and has given it to our son.  Eek!  I’ve been avoiding them as much as I can in this big house!

On the positive side, the last three days I’ve been able to watch a pair of Downy Woodpeckers at the feeders, and I always seen to forget just how gorgeous that black and white plumage is!  They’re not very big, so the Titmice keep trying to chase them off, and the hen is a lot more shy than her mate.  She seems to fly for cover at the least little disturbance , while he busies himself at the suet block with a  real nonchalance!

The sunrise this morning was gorgeous, smears of rosy pink against a lavender grey background, hopefully that means we’ll see the sun today.

I moved my daddy budgie in with the young ones yesterday, he seemed pretty lonesome now that mommy bird passed away.  They are so funny when they  scold each other!   He tried really hard to pretend he didn’t want to be held, but honestly I’ve been bitten by ants that hurt a lot worse.  He wasn’t making much effort, not even closing his beak!

Here’s a look at three of the babies:

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