Sci-fi idea?

What If you could have your genes custom modified?  What would you change about yourself and why?  

I’d seriously consider getting spliced with a leopard or jaguar!

Think of how your senses would change – how much more intense the scents around you would become,  how different lighting would be and how much more information your brain would suddenly have to process!😘

If I were part jaguar, I’d be a lot more muscular, and probably grow a fur coat.  I wouldn’t care much to be out in the bright daylight, and would much prefer fresh meat to cooked anything!  I wonder how regular humans would react to someone so different, and I think most would be uncomfortable with the whole idea.  But really – Why?  Are humans still that insecure that they can’t share the planet?  If you look around you, you know it’s at least partially true.

In the future, will we be able to change the color of our skin, our eyes and hair?  Will we be able to grow our own replacement organs, so donation would disappear?  Why not?  What if it was commonplace to change your entire outward appearance, your internal biology, and how would it change society?

We humans are so visually oriented, and so judgmental, that it would be impossible for most people to come to grips with such a thing.  

What kind of person would choose this course (besides me)?  What would the motivation be, to make such a radical change in your physical self?  How would your family react, and your neighbors?  Your co-workers?  

My birds wouldn’t be at all comfy around me, my sugar gliders would completely freak out, and imagine the dogs and the horses!

What if….

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