15 reasons you want a house rabbit!

Our first bunch of bunnies this year!

Rabbits aren’t just adorable outside pets anymore – they actually make a great apartment pet that’s quiet and pretty easy to care for. If you’re looking for an easy-going room-mate who doesn’t play the stereo too loud or spend all their time watching the television, a house rabbit might be the one for you!

All our domestic rabbits are descendants of the original European rabbit (Orctolagus cuniculus)! Variations of color, size and even ears are the results of careful observation and breeding over many generations. From the Flemish Giant (up to 22 pounds!) to the tiny Lionhead and Britannia Petite (never more than five pounds), any well-socialized rabbit can make a great roomie and a convo starter for the single person or student.

Photo by Chan Swan via Unsplash
  1. Rabbits will twist as they jump when they’re happy. Bunny people call this a binky, and it’s a sight to make anyone smile after a hard day at the office.
  2. A happy bunny will purr! Yes, it sounds just like a cat purring, just without the catty attitude.
  3. Your pet rabbit may live as long as ten years, so you’ll have plenty of time together. One pet rabbit lived to be 19 years old.
  4. Rabbits can be litter box trained, and you can let them have the run of your room once you’ve got this accomplished.
  5. A bunny is naturally inclined to be most active at dawn, and again around dusk. Their time clock will coordinate well with the time you have at home, if you work a regular day shift.
  6. Larger rabbits tend to make better pets, as they’re less subject to anxiety because of their size!
Photo by Gavin Allanwood via Unsplash
  • 7. You can’t sneak up and surprise your rabbit if they’re awake! Their eyes are placed in their heads so they can see all around them except for a small blind spot right in front of their nose.
  • 8. Most rabbits don’t care to be picked up. unless you pick them up carefully by the scruff of the neck, they can easily get hurt. A frightened rabbit can hurt itself trying to escape.
  • 9. Bunnies take around 18 naps every day. Talk about having a laid-back attitude!
  • 10. House rabbits don’t eat anything very specialized – Rabbit pellets are necessary, though! Fresh pellets and fresh hay, along with oat hay, veggies and plenty of water are the essentials.

Photo by Sandy Millar via Unsplash

  • 11. You can make your own “Bunny Biscuit” treats! Find a recipe at https://rabbit.org/brendas-homemade-bunny-biscuits-3 (Courtesy of The House Rabbit Society).
  • 12. You can and should have your house rabbit spayed or neutered as soon as they’re old enough. This prevents several illnesses and behavior problems, as well as preventing you from having to find homes for all those babies!
  • 13. Your house bunny will enjoy lots of simple toys to shew on, such as empty toilet paper rolls and paper towel tubes, and those pesky magazine inserts folded up so bunny can pick them up. Put them in a big cardboard box with a hole in the side big enough for your rabbit to use comfortably.
  • 14. You should place your rabbits’ primary residence in a room where there’s some activity, but allows them a bit of privacy, too. The kitchen will probably be too noisy and bright, while the family room may be perfect.
  • 15. Gardening for your bunny can be done on your porch or balcony, and you can share healthy veggies and salads. Most all of us need to eat more fresh vegetables, and I’ve found if it’s right in front of me, I’m a lot more likely to eat it. Maybe you will be, too!

The upshot is that rabbits aren’t just for the farm anymore! If you’re a big pet lover, but don’t have the time or space for a cat or dog, maybe a house bunny will be just right for you!

And as always, feel free to email me at FlamingPurpleJellyfish@gmail.com if you have a question! I’ll find the answer if I don’t already know… 🙂

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