Parakeets or Budgies?

Whatever you call them, these are the cutest little parrots around! Yes, they are parrots, one of the smaller species, but not the smallest! The smallest parrot is officially the Pygmy Parrot, a little green bird with a buff-colored face and a short tail that looks a lot like a teeny lovebird. But back to budgies…

Photo by webandi on Pixabay

So, lots of people are surprised to find out that parakeets (budgies) are a parrot, because they’ve always just seen pictures of the bigger, really expensive ones that take a LOT of room and attention. But Budgies are really smart; In fact it’s a Budgie that’s recorded as the “talkingest” bird in the Guinness Book of World records! Budgies have a really high pitched voice that’s sort of squeaky, but once you get the hang of listening, it’s adorable.

Photo by Uschi_Du on Pixabay

Another cool thing about Budgies is the variety of colors! They can be found in Blues, White, Violet, Yellow and Green, and the combinations of these are nearly endless. Budgies have been pets since 1805, so they really are domesticated. Breeders have been finding and establishing different color variations for a long time now! Birds are the third most popular pet in the world now, right behind cats and dogs, so there are a lot of fellow ‘birdy’ people out there, too.

Budgies do need to eat something besides that seed mix they sell in the big box stores! Fruits and veggies are great healthy foods, and you don’t need anything special. Carrot shreds are really popular, and bits of greens (well-washed) from your salad makings are great, too. I give mine a couple of halved grapes once in a while, and grass from our lawn (we never spray ours with insecticides or weed-killer).

Four of our Budgies!

Here’s another thing about Budgies: Because they’re intelligent, they can get lonely, and if you’re not home during the day, you should leave the radio on for them to listen to for company! A single Budgie will learn to talk better, according to what I’ve read and seen, but I’ve never been able to keep a single anything because I feel so bad for them. I can’t imagine being stuck in a cage for any length of time all by myself, when it’s my nature be part of a flock. So mine don’t talk, but that’s not to say that they aren’t talkative!

My Budgies in the morning…

So, when you decide to get your own Budgies, here are my suggestions:

1) Please get the largest cage you can make room for! Budgies need to flap their wings, fly as much as possible, and they love to climb up and down and play with lots of different toys. You also want to have a regular time to get them out every day to exercise and socialize.

2) Clip those wings! If you don’t, they can fly fast enough to hit a window and break their teeny necks or wings, so this is a no-brainer! They’ll learn VERY quickly that they can still fly a bit with properly clipped wings, and they’ll surprise you at how well they get around anyway.

3) Be responsible and feed them well. They will reward you with a pleasant disposition, plenty of cheerful chatter, and great company for 15 to 20 years!

This is ‘Twitchy’!

4) Don’t breed your Budgies if you can help it! They’re lovely to raise and it’s lots of fun to watch babies grow up, but think of all the homes you’ll have to find! Budgies can raise 6 babies at a go, and three or four clutches every year, so I’m not talking about two or three extra babies here.

With all that said, get some Budgies and be responsible. You’ll have years of entertainment and cheerfulness to your day, at a small cost of time and money. Good Luck, and as always, any questions to me at will be answered! God Bless:)

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LeslieAnne Hasty is a Dangerously Different homeschooling Mom who grew up in the Arizona desert, but now lives in the foothills of Appalachian Kentucky with her family and lots of pets.  An irreverent, irrepressible animal and nature lover, she dreams of a world where every pet and person is treated like the miracle they are.

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