Daffodils Nodding in the Breeze…

Photo by Simon Bowles courtesy of Unsplash

Here in Eastern Kentucky, the daffodils have been blooming for about a month already, and they’re so cheerful looking! I grew up in the Arizona desert, and daffys did NOT grow there, except in a pot for a while, in the house.

I still get side-tracked here, seeing clumps of sunny yellow, white, and even orange daffodils blooming in the middle of empty fields, on hilltops, and in the many small family cemeteries that you’ll see driving around.

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

We started planting daffodils as soon as we moved into this house, and two years later, we’re beginning to see some real results!

We have daffys along our driveway on both sides.

There’s daffys in the front flower garden.

And there are daffys in the side garden, as well.

Oh, and don’t forget, there are three BIG bunches of daffys in the basement waiting to get re-planted, that my hubby and son rescued from a neighbor’s field. I have given bags full to the next door neighbors, too, just to cut down on the re-planting!

Can’t wait for next year!!

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Have a blessed day!

With Grace and Gratitude

LeslieAnne Hasty

#flowers #flowergardens #flowergardening

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