Robins Nesting in the Porch Rafters…

I’ve been watching our ‘house’ Robins for 2 or 3 weeks now.

We spotted the nest, probably right as it was finished. So, when I go out on the porch to use my rowing machine, or my computer, or just to read, they both keep a close eye on me!

I could tell when she started to incubate her eggs, because she was watching me VERY closely.

And for the last two or three days, she didn’t come off the nest but a couple of times that I saw.

Today, everything changed, though! Both birds were flying in and out of the rafters, completely ignoring me.

At a strategic moment, I got the ladder up and peeked, and here’s what I saw:

I believe there are three tiny, ugly baby robins in the nest! I’ll be keeping tabs on them. It’s truly incredible how fast baby birds grow!

Scientists believe that birds evolved from the lizards, and when you see baby birds in all their homely beauty, it’s easy to see why. They look pretty lizard-like when they’re tiny. The down will fluff out and cover them in a couple of days, and then the feathers, and after all, what’s a bird without feathers, anyway?

The American Robin is a member of the family of Thrushes and it’s a migratory songbird closely related to the Bluebirds. They arrived here in Kentucky a couple of months ago, but are just now starting to hatch out their first clutch now. Many people don’t know that most of the songbirds will hatch at least two sets of babies in a season, some will even go for three if the weather and food is good.

Photo by Joe Cox on Unsplash

Our Robins here are very busy now gathering worms, crickets, and what few grasshoppers are out this early. Now that they have three extra mouths to feed, I’ll put some mealworms out in the feeder to see if they’ll try those.

Until tomorrow, then…

With Grace and Gratitude,

LeslieAnne Hasty

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2 thoughts on “Robins Nesting in the Porch Rafters…

  1. If robins were big birds they’d be terrifying. I saw a very aggressive contest between two of them, where one was holding the other down and pecking its eyes! Love having them in the garden though – very chirpy, bold little fellows. Amazing nest pictures by the way!

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