Everything’s Coming up Roses (and Lilacs, and Wisteria, and Iris…)!

Here in Eastern Kentucky the Summer keeps coming. Then leaving (and letting Winter back in). And coming back. ?

But, thankfully, the flowers and plants are all coming along nicely, and lots of Spring flowers are here! I’ve been watching my hubby’s Iris as the buds shoot up over the leaves and swell with promise. Here’s one!

This one has little brown dots and lines, although they’re not very clear in this photo ūüė¶

Here’s another:

There are several spots along the driveway that have clumps of these pretty little white violets, too:

Some wildflowers that I’m guessing are related to Prunella :

And some blackberries that are getting ready for an OUTSTANDING year:

I’m SO looking forward to the blackberry cobbler I’m going to make with these!!!!

Also, despite the recent hot spell (then cool spell), we actually still have a few Daffys hanging on…

And so, I’m off to fill the bird feeder. I can’t get a photo of the Downy Woodpeckers, or my Cardinals, but I keep trying…..

Complaints, questions, comments are always welcome! Have a LOVELY Spring day…

With Grace and Gratitude

LeslieAnne Hasty

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