A Course in Miracles Experiment. Day 3

Today is about getting around that “bad guy” we’ve hired to guard our thoughts from getting out and enjoying themselves in this crazy wonderful world of ours.

I’m old enough to remember the first Star Trek series, when it first came out on TV.

I remember how my Dad scoffed at the “science” that was so integral to the stories.  

My favorite example is the communicator.  We still had a “party line” on our phone, and if you don’t know what that is, you’re probably too young to have ever had one.  Ask your parents.  Or maybe your grandparents.

Anyway, the communicator.  Think of the modern folding cell phone.  Fifty years before cell phones.  It’s a fine example of how something that someone imagined has come into being.

Everyone has a cellphone now, right?  Back then, everyone had a phone in the house.  Attached to the wall.  With a long curly cord that always got tangled up.   

If no one had imagined the communicator, would we all have cell phones now?  If the person who dreamt of a communicator had let that “bad guy” scoff and tell them “What a bunch of crap” would we all have handheld devices to talk to each other?

I’m thinking not.

First, you gotta let your imagination out of the lockbox you’ve put it in.  Fire that “bad guy”.  Go have some fun, for crying out loud.

Then, admit you don’t understand the things around you.

I sure don’t understand my cat.

I definitely don’t understand my tablet, my cellphone, or really even the coffee maker.  By allowing myself to not have to “understand” the things that surround me, I open the door for the inexplicable universe and send the “bad guy” down the road to torment some other soul who enjoys knowing.

Me, I’m going to shoot for the stars…

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