A Course in Miracles Experiment, Day 4 (author Pam Grout)

Repeat after me, “My thoughts don’t mean anything.”


Think about it.  That critical, mean-spirited, overbearing, self-proclaimed boss in your head is only there on your sufferance.  You can fire that butthead at any time.

So, my thoughts “I really need to mop the floor.” ” I need to wash those dishes. ” “I should clean the table off, wash the car, mow the lawn…” don’t MEAN anything.

Unless I listen.  

Choose not to listen to that Simon Cowell in your head.  Let it go.  Fire that person.  You don’t need that negativity in your life, or in your head.  Refuse to give your precious attention to negative thoughts.

Remember that there’s an infinity of possibilities right where you are, and be ready to embrace the positive.  Live for the things that renew your faith and rejoice in everything you are and can become.  

You’ll find a shift in the world as you practice this, believe me.  It’s like walking a few feet in a rainstorm to find that there’s blue sky and sunshine on the other side of the street.  There’s no comparable feeling in all the world.  It’s sort of like being reborn, maybe, emerging from darkness into the light.

So, keep going!  Ignore that nay-sayer in your head.  I mean, REALLY!  Who hired that guy anyway?  Keep climbing up the path until you reach the sun…

Photo by Andrik Langfield, Courtesy of Unsplash

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