A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout). Day 5

Think about the last time you were overcome by sheer happiness and joy.
Remember how those”problems ” you think about continuously sort of disappeared?  How that snarky voice in your head receded into the background, and you couldn’t hear it anymore?

 That’s the place I want to be all the time.  

But, just like a doctor who prescribes a “cure” for the symptoms of your illness, we try to fix whatever we think is “wrong”.  But we’re just masking those symptoms.  What we think is wrong is based on our beliefs.  Those are inside, they’re the real illness.  

It’s not the crappy weather or politics or work that’s got you upset.  That upset is just the symptom.  It’s those beliefs that you’ve built up over all these years, that things “should be” just so.

But why?  Why does your work feel like a trial?  Because you believe it is.  Why does the weather bother you?  Because you believe it should be different.  Why let crazy politicians ruin your day?  Because you think you should.

Search your mind today for the source of your upset.  Them remind yourself that its cause is not what it appears to be.  
Then replace it with that outflowing, boundless joy.  And start breaking down those walls of belief.  Just be.  It’s there for all of us.  We just have to let it in.

Photo by Robert Collins courtesy of Unsplash

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