A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout). Day 10

You know that voice in your head?

The one that’s always chatting away about nothing in particular?

Yeah, that one.

The one that’s constantly nattering on about inconsequential stuff like “Darn it i wish that car would get out of my way, i need to get to work, I hate it when it rains, i wonder how awful work is gonna be today, will Nancy be her usual nosy self, is Gary going to insist on telling me his views on politics, i hate listening…”

 That one.

Remind yourself today that the voice in your head is NOT you.

How do you prove that?

In your head, say this:  “Well, howdy there partner!  Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

 Now do your best imitation of JLo, saying the same thing.

And now, try it in Bugs Bunny voice.

Laughing yet?

The point is that YOU can control that voice.

Which means?  You’re in charge of it.

Four times today, stop that voice in its tracks, and say this instead:  “I am in control of  what I think.  I choose to pay attention to positive things. Period.”

 And do it.  Follow through.  Start replacing those negative comments with positive things.

I personally subscribe to the Good News Network daily good newsletter, so i get a shot of sweet, funny, amazing info first thing in the morning.

It sets the start of my day into motion with a positive inertia!

And don’t forget to forgive yourself for slipping.  The Universe has your back.

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