A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 14

“Make it fun.  Make it yours.”

Today is all about fun!

Most people I’ve ever worked with spwnd all day Monday griping about the fact that it’s Monday.

I’m wierd, because I generally like Mondays.

It’s a day to get back to work sure, but why do we insist that work is so awful?

I figure, I’ve had two days to do my own stuff, now it’s time to check in with my work friends and earn that paycheck.

Why is that so onerous?

What would you actually do if you didn’t work?  Would you really spend all day, every day, doing exciting fun things with your dog, your kids, your S.O.?

Or would you just vegetate on the couch and watch more senseless TV?

Come on!  Go to work!  Be that person in your office who always has something nice to say, the one who notices everyone’s new haircut, new blouse, new shoes, and compliments everyone she speaks to.

You can be a source of joy!  Try it!

Today, compliment 3 people where you work (or wherever you are) on something about themselves.  Watch that smile grow on their faces.  And remember, YOU have the choice of how your day will be.

Make it FUN!!

And if it’s not fun, blow it off!  THAT’S the choice that brings joy.

(Photo by Rihaij, courtesy of Pixabay)

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