A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 17

Nothing I see or think about is neutral.

Every thought I have, has a “spin”.

It’s up to me to pay attention to those thoughts and decide, consciously, which ones I’m going to edit out of my story.

I’m the editor of my story and I get to choose which scenes to leave on the cutting room floor.

The thoughts I allow to stay in the story attract things to me that have the same spin.

All the stuff about being a neutral observer that we were taught is so much hogwash.  The act of observation changes what we observe.  This is a law of quantum physics, and of the world.

Nothing in Nature is neutral.  It’s either positive (growing) or negative (dying). It’s either moving, or it’s not.

Here’s the exercise:  Remind yourself today, two or three times, that none of your thoughts are neutral.

And if you want to be more positive, help someone else find the sunny side of life!

On the practical side, TextforHumanity.com is an anonymous switchboard  set up by the CMO of Sinch, Jonathan Bean, for positive text messages.  Send love out to a random stranger somewhere in the world and get love back!  Just text “join” to the phone number for your country, and start sending and receiving love from all over the world! 

Photo by Nghangvu, courtesy of Pixabay

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