A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 21

To clear my mind of thoughts that make me unhappy, i have to hunt them down like rabid raccoons and get rid of them.

Even the smallest thought about something or someone, that isn’t perfect, or kind, or loving, has to be rooted out of my garden of beautiful flowers and disposed of on the compost heap.

Each time the teeniest idea that the experience I’m having right now isn’t perfectly aligned with the great things the universe has in store for me, that’s doubt and I have to deal with it as the true enemy.

Doubt, fear, and uncertainty can be found everywhere, but I don’t have to buy into it.

Five times today, look around you.

Tell yourself that you are determined to see “_________” (bonehead next to you) differently .

Tell yourself that you are determined to see “_________” (situation you seem to be stuck in at the moment) differently.

Find that tiniest scrap of an idea that something around you today isn’t perfectly satisfactory, and compost that puppy.

Because the log jam will clear out, the branches will eventually move out of the way, and the river of life will begin to move again. And I have to be ready for that jump! 

Photo by Cock-Robin, courtesy of Pixabay

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