A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 23

The world is merely an effect of my thoughts.

This is the shocking part of quantum physics that you will never hear on the evening news.

The whole “We gotta change the world” paradigm that we’re expected to buy into, is garbage.

 The truth is, we have to change our outdated, ineffective ways of thinking.  We actually have to get off the couch (at least mentally), and change ourselves.

In the Matrix, Morpheus tells Neo, “There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

And if you’re having a hard time changing those cemented-in patterns that keep you frozen in an endless, repeating loop, just ask for help.

The universe wants to be good to you.  The universe is constantly searching for people who want to do better, be better, and is ready to unload its bounty upon you.

As you begin to arrange your thoughts into creative, loving patterns, the universe will rise up and take your hand.

Be ready for the ride!

Photo by Simon, courtesy of Pixabay

And if you’re sceptical, here’s a thought.

Several months ago I found myself having to quit a job that was too physically demanding for my 55 year old body.

I didn’t have a new job lined up, but simply couldn’t continue in the job I had.

So, I quit.  

And, one evening a couple of weeks later, I told my husband “This next job, I’m going to have to have a desk.  And, the perfect job would give me time to pursue my creative stuff, while I’m there.  Oh, yeah, and they’re going to treat me like I’m gold!”

 It did take a couple of months.  But I’m in that perfect job now!

Thanks to the universe, who listened when I finally articulated exactly what I wanted!😘

Give it a shot, after all.  What have you got to lose, except a bunch of needless negativity?

Photo by Skeeze, courtesy of Pixabay

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