A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 25

Remind yourself today that “I do not know what anything is for”.

The universe, according to Pam, is like the tool section in Home Depot.

Most of us can stroll through that series of aisles and marvel at how many different tools there are, each one with a slightly different purpose or application.

Most of us are truly amazed by how many different ways one project can be accomplished.

And most of us have few clues as to how those tasks actually get done.

But the universe has EVERY tool at its disposal, and wants us to get the heck out of the way, so construction can continue!

I get in my own way too darn often to admit, but if I remind myself regularly that “I know NOTHING!”, it helps.

Remind yourself six times today that inspiration and blessings can come from ANYWHERE, and that it’s important to remember that “I know nothing”.

And enjoy today!  Happy Friday!

Photo by Capri23auto , courtesy of Pixabay

With Grace and Gratitude,


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