A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 29

What’s your source?

You don’t believe everything that everyone tells you, right?  I sure as heck don’t.

So why do we allow that ignorant jerk in our heads to tell us anything at all?

My head is sometimes way too full of snappy comebacks, snarky comments, and harsh criticisms of myself and the people around me.

The result is a spreading miasma of negativity, and I have to readjust on a daily basis to keep that crap cleaned up.

Once you decide that in fact the universe is full of love, and that you are the embodiment of that love, you begin to question all those sources of negativity.

Fire that loud, hateful, ignorant jerk!

Hire that quiet, affectionate, compassionate person to carefully tend the thoughts in your head, weeding out the unproductive thoughts and fertilizing the positive ones.

And if you’re not sure which is which?

Consider the source.

Six times today, for two minutes each time, make a conscious decision to see nothing around you but love.

Then sit back and watch it grow.  And bloom!

Photo by LeslieAnne Hasty

With Grace and Gratitude


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