A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 35

In my high school and college science classes, I was taught to “Observe without disturbing”.

But quantum theory has proven that if we observe anything, it changes.  And, more importantly for these exercises, it changes to fit our expectations.

Our brains aid and abet this by also reinforcing our expectations with our  translated perceptions of what we see and experience.

Every time we allow that particular translation to define what we’re seeing and experiencing, it becomes more solid, more concrete, until nothing can dent the surface of that possibility.

The REALLY fun part of this is the flip side:  If we just allow life to unfold and expand around us, we can change how it happens.  If we discard those pre-programmed  expectations, anything can occur.

You could win the lottery.  You could be “discovered” as the next big star.  You could inherit a fortune from some unknown relative. 

You have to be willing and able to let that happen, though.

Three times today, for 5 minutes each time, stop and really pay attention to how you’re perceiving the world around you.  And remind yourself that whatever you experience is inextricably linked to your mind, and what you expect.

Replace those old, outdated ideas that hold you back.  Allow that miracles can happen.  To YOU.

And have a GREAT day!

Photo of baby Red Panda by pexels, courtesy of Pixabay
With Grace and Gratitude,


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