A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 37

Do you start your day with complaint?  Or with acknowledgment?

We’re supposed to be a blessing to everyone and everything around us.

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to live up to that.

But every time we gripe about something or someone, we propel ourselves backward from receiving, like a squid in the ocean escaping a predator.  And like that little squid, we shoot out “ink” to try to fool everyone that we’re not really there.  

But your thoughts don’t fade away like that ink, they continue to reverberate through your life, your head, your home. 

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.

I’ve got a friend who always has a complaint.  The neighbors are loud.  Her boss at work won’t let her just do her job.  She never has enough money.  There’s always something to gripe about.  And for the forty years I’ve known this woman, she’s been unhappy about something.

The bad news is, she’s probably not going to change.  The good news is, she could change it all by herself.

You, too, can change.  Be the blessing you were meant to be.  Admit that you are whole, complete, and full of grace.  Today.  Right now.

Three or four times today, remind yourself that you are here as a blessing, meant to bring good things to all that surrounds you.

Stop propelling yourself away from the blessings you’re meant to receive and give!  Give yourself the gift of acceptance, and watch your world begin to shift!

Photo by lily white, courtesy of Pixabay
With Grace and Gratitude


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