A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 40

“Question the reality of the problem.”

What if there wasn’t a problem?

What if you simply choose to let things go?

What if you decided one day (today?) to just focus on being?

Because you see most clearly that which you focus on, adjust the settings on your microscope and focus on blessing and being blessed.

Focus on love and being loved.

Focus on gratitude, on the outpouring of grace the Universe wants to surround you with.

Suddenly, those problems aren’t quite so big.

In fact, if you focus all your mind on any one thing, you can completely lose sight of everything else.  Try it today.

Four or five times today, (more often if you can), question the reality of the problem.  Open yourself to that encompassing light that wants to show you how truly blessed you are.

After a while, those problems will shrink down to the size of a pebble in your shoe.  Shake it out.  Leave it behind.  Move forward into the life you’re meant to live.

Have a blessed day!

Photo by PicsToLove22, courtesy of Pixabay

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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