A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 46

Today is all about forgiveness.

The biggest thing I need to remember is that I don’t really understand the whole concept of forgiveness.

It’s not about letting people walk all over me.  It’s not about forgetting what someone may have done.  It IS about realizing that I have absolutely NO IDEA what’s actually happening around me.

My limited perceptions don’t give me the big picture, just a small corner. And without that big picture, how can i possibly figure out what an event really means?

It’s the story of the three blind men, presented with an elephant, and asked what it is.  The first blind man gets ahold of the elephants’ trunk, and announces that the animal is a snake. The second blind man gets ahold of a leg, and decides he has a tree.  The third blind man grabs the tail, and says he’s got a length of rope.

We’re just like those blind men, groping in the dark, clueless and reaching for answers.

But if we just let go of the need to make a judgement, suddenly our idea of forgiveness has no meaning.

Three times today, pin down a judgement call you’ve made, and admit to yourself that you have no idea what was really happening there.  And for five minutes each time, let go of your need to decide what it means, and “forgive”.

When you truly forgive, you can stop judging and just experience the blessedly complex life in and around you.

When you can forgive yourself, you really start to feel freedom.

Have a blessed day today!

Photo by minka2507, courtesy of Pixabay

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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