A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 60

“Shower the People with Love” by James Taylor is today’s Jukebox pick.  Listen to the words.

You are capable of amazing things.  You are meant to accomplish astounding acts of creativity.  You are the ONLY ONE who can make those particular things happen.

Someone else might be able to create something similar, but it will not be what YOU would create.

If you’re like me, you have that voice in the back of your head that’s always saying “But YOUR creation will never be as good as that photo there.  YOUR creation will never look as good as that.  YOUR creation won’t be seen by anyone who will appreciate how much time and love and effort you put into it.  So why bother?”

 The challenge is to just ignore that voice.  Let it natter on until it fades into the background while you get on with creating, with living, with BEING the gorgeous, loving, creative person you’re meant to be.

And once you’ve managed to consign that voice to the trash bin, it gets easier.  Each time you consciously recognize that voice and toss its crappy advice where it belongs, you make it easier to do the next time it pokes its unwanted nose into your creative business.

No, you may not change the world with your writing, your drawing, your dancing, your woodworking.  But you WILL change yourself, for the better.

And here’s the part that I like the best – when you make a space in your life just for YOU, there’s suddenly a lot more room for everyone else.

When you are expressing your creativity somehow, and you make time for it regularly, you’ll find there’s more room in your head and your heart for everyone else’s stuff, too.

So then you can “Shower the People You Love with Love”.  

What’s your thing?  How do you express your creativity?  Do you cook?  Garden?  Clean house?  Decorate?

Do it.  Let it out.  Let it expand your life, your love, and your reality, until you lift off and rise above it all.

And have a blessed day today!

Photo by ggenseke , courtesy of Pixabay

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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