A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 64

Mindfulness means so much more than just thinking positive.

It’s about forgiving ourselves for the silly or dumb things we sometimes do, and that are sometimes done to us.

It’s about reminding ourselves that there’s a much bigger universe out there than we can yet imagine.

It’s also about paying attention to that small voice in your head.  The one that’s urging you on to DO something, to MAKE something, to BE something or some more.

The creative urge is far, far more ingrained in our species than even the urge to control our environment and feed ourselves.  Our ancestors were tagging rocks in caves with stick horses around 40 thousand years ago.  In contrast, evidence of agriculture only started around 10 thousand years ago.

So, despite the fact that art is now considered an “elective” in those schools where it’s even still taught, it’s apparent to me that we all need to “make” or ” do” something.

When I meet new people who look at the things I craft, they nearly always say ” You’re so creative.  I can’t do that.” Why not?  Who told you that?  And what the heck do they know about what you’re capable of doing?

I was told in the third grade that I would never be an artist, that I had no talent, and that i shouldn’t even bother any more.  Why?  Because I made a picture with orange and purple next to each other, and this “teacher” had rules about what art “should” be.  “You can’t do that!” I was told.

Fortunately, my Mom came from a generation of New Englanders who made stuff.  She knitted blankets and baby sweaters, she crocheted little string Christmas ornaments, she cut and sewed fabric to make our clothes until we could afford to buy what we wanted.  She never thought of herself as an artist.  She was too practical for that.

But the urge to craft, to make stuff, would not leave me alone.  I began to listen to that small voice in my head, and I made stuff.  I made macrame hangers for plant pots.  I embroidered my jeans with flowers and leaves.  I learned cross-stitch.  And for twenty years, I made quilts.  

Yes, I put purple and orange next each other.  I decided that if I couldn’t be an artist, I’d be a crafter.  Because that way, I didn’t have to follow those rules, and the creative urge would be satisfied. I literally HAVE TO make stuff.  When I don’t, my whole life suffers.

What is it that YOU do?  What do YOU want to make?  What craft have you “always” wanted to learn?

If you’re one of the millions of people around the world right now who are out of work because of the Corona virus pandemic, NOW is your chance.  Find it on YouTube.  Look it up on Pinterest.  Search it out on Instagram.  And as Nike famously put it, “Just DO IT!”

Because that creation NEEDS YOU to bring it to life.  And if we’re not creating, we’re just consuming.

Photo by bluemorphos, courtesy of Pixabay

Be blessed today!

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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