A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 69

“My grievances hide the light of the world that’s in me.”

 The Course in Miracles makes this statement, and I’ve got to admit that it’s true.

If I hang on to the negativity that some people spend their lives spreading around with a lavish hand, my light gets dimmer and dimmer, until I can’t see it myself.

But if I let that experience go, if I forgive, the gloom begins to lighten and then will clear away completely.

It’s apparently a “natural” reaction, to hash and re-hash those hurtful things, but unless we truly release the thing, it’ll hang on like a darn cockleburr, constantly aggravating until it works its way through your clothes and soon drawing blood.  They’re incredibly painful, grow in the most unlikely places, and grab on when your attention is elsewhere.

Like that cockleburr, we have to dig the hurt out, get every bit of it out of our shirt or pants so that it can’t keep hurting us.

When you’ve finally pulled one of these things from a pair of jeans, you REALLY want to toss it in a fire and watch that thing burn!  They’re covered in tiny claws, and they literally hang on for all they’re worth.

Once you get it out and burn it, toss the ashes of that hurt into the wind.  

A great exercise for this is to write about your experience.  Write everything about it that keeps replaying in your head.  Then, step outside and put a match to it.  Let it burn, and watch the ashes drift away.  Let go of everything you wrote.

If you can master this, you can rid yourself of all those old grievances that haunt you, and find peace.  Once you’ve burnt away the clouds of resentment and pain, the sun will come back into your soul. 

Spend 15 minutes today, writing down everything about some painful thing that’s been going ’round and ’round in your head.  Then burn your page of writing, and let it go.  Free yourself of that pain and let the wounds heal.

Then go out and let the sun shine on you.  Maybe you’ll even get to see a rainbow!

Have a blessed day today, and be safe.

Photo of rainbow at Lake Powell by skeeze, courtesy of Pixabay

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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