A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 76

What is truth?  How do you decide?  What evidence do you require?

If a doctor tells you that you have some incurable disease, is that truth?  What if they don’t have all the facts?

Here’s a story about facts, and about truth.

My Dad was 16 when he left the family farm and enlisted in the Army Air Corps (later to be the Air Force).  His father had taken him out of school when he finished the 7th grade, so he could pick cotton and make money for the family.  All my uncles enlisted in various branches of the military for the same reason – they were tired of picking cotton so the old man could stay home and drink.

Dad spent 20 years in the Air Force, serving in Korea and being stationed all over the world.  He met my Mom in Biloxi, Mississippi, where she was stationed when she finished her basic training.

About 19 years into his term of service, Dad started having problems with his joints.  Mom said the first thing that happened was his wrists swelled up the size of softballs, and hurt like the devil.

It took a while for the doctors to figure out that he had rheumatoid arthritis, which wasn’t all that common then.

When they’d confirmed his diagnosis, they gave him a plan of action.

“Move to the desert.  Now.  You’re going to be in a wheelchair in a year, but the dry heat will make it more bearable.  Oh, and by the way, you’re retired now.”  He was only in his 30’s.

 So they packed and moved to Arizona, not too far from Williams AFB, where he could get medical attention when needed.

My Dad lived to his late 60’s, and he never gave in to the wheelchair.  The only times I ever saw him in one was after his knee surgeries, and after his pacemaker implants, and that was only as far as the parking lot at the hospital.

He refused to believe the doctors who told him he’d lose his ability to move himself around, and never, ever let himself believe that “fact”.  While I was growing up, we went on trail rides in the Superstition Mountains, explored the desert and rivers in his dune buggy, and hiked through the hills.  There was no way he was buying into the “fact” that he would be crippled for the rest of his life.

What “facts” have you been told that keep you physically, emotionally, or mentally crippled?

Look at what you think you know today, and test it.

Do you “know” you’re not artistic or creative?  Bah!

Do you “know” you don’t enjoy physical activity?  BS!

Do you “know” you’re not smart enough to get ahead at work, or to support yourself, or to have your own business?  What garbage we tell ourselves!

Tidy up your mental space today.  Find the trashy “facts” in your head that trip you up, sweep that rubbish up and put it in the garbage can!

You don’t need to save that junk!  Get rid of it!  Take it to the curb, and clear some space in your head for your dreams.  And be ready!  When the sun finally comes out, the revelation may be blinding.

And have a FABULOUS day today!

Photo by ipicgr , courtesy of Pixabay
With Grace and Gratitude, 


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