A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 85

Mindfulness is a process.  It’s about remembering where we’re heading, and why.

Think about what your big goals are.

Then, decide what step or steps you’ll take today on the path to those big goals.  Where on that path will you place your feet?

And don’t be surprised when you hit a road block, or stumble in an unforseen rut, or find yourself on an unplanned detour.  Because the struggle to stay upright and maintain focus and movement is part of the process.

In order to reach your goal, you must continuously look ahead to that goal.  Every day.  And you have to continue to walk that path toward your goal.  Every day.  And you must keep reminding yourself why that goal is worthwhile.  Every day.

There will be days when you think you’re too tired to bother.

There will be days when you wonder if that goal is worth the effort.

And there will be days when you feel like you’ve fallen and you just can’t get up.

But you ARE in control of your fate.  You own your reactions to whatever obstacles appear in your journey.  You are the only person who can accomplish that goal in your own unique style.

Keep the faith.  Climb back up from where you’ve tumbled.  Take a break, catch your breath.  Look ahead, focus again on the finish line.

And then, get back on the road.  Keep taking step after step.  Because the struggle to finish has its own reward.  And you CAN reach your goal.

No matter how long or short, you can complete your journey, if only you keep moving.  Don’t let the inevitable detours distract you.  Experience the good, be thankful for it, and shrug off the bad.

After all, it’s YOUR journey.  It’s YOUR goal.  And you are ultimately the one in charge of how you experience it each day.

Safe travels, and have a blessed day today!

Photo by Marco Meyer, courtesy of Unsplash

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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