A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 90

There’s a miracle sitting right next to you.

I don’t know what it looks like.  But I do know that it’s waiting patiently for you to stop looking the other way and pay attention.

There are miracles all around each of us, every day.  We’re so busy, though, seeing the “lack” in our lives, that we don’t look the other direction.

We get stuck in that single view like a horse with blinders on his bridle, and we can’t seem to see anything else.

But you and I are not wearing blinders.  You and I can make the choice to look beyond the moment, past the struggle to just survive, and find that miracle.

Make a decision to look around you today, and find a miracle.

Maybe it’s something small, like the way your dog looks at you like you’re omnipotent.

Maybe it’s something huge, like the love your family has for you.

And maybe it’s something in between, like the fact that your car keeps getting you to work every day, though you know it should have died long ago.

Open your eyes.

See past the misery that the media has made so popular.  See the amazing things people are doing for each other in these tough times.

Look for the stories that show how important the smallest things can be.

I recently read a story about a teenager who heard how uncomfortable wearing a mask had become for some of our heroic health professionals.  He sat down and designed a small plastic strip that pulls the strings back from behind the ears to the back of the head.  Then he printed them on his 3D printer and donated them to local hospitals.

I would bet you money that the lucky nurses, doctors, and technicians who have received those small plastic strips think they are a miracle.  They’re right.

What if everyone did the same?

What if you and I and every person we know, invented one item that would make someone else’s life easier?

Yes, we can change the world.

Look past the fog and the obstacles, ignore the “problems”, and focus on the opportunity, on the path forward and upward. 

What miracles will you find today?

Photo at Antelope Canyon by Justin Luebke, courtesy of Unsplash

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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