A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 94

Have you ever met one of “those” people?

You know the ones I mean.  They’re the people who, if a stranger walked up and gave them a stack of $100 dollar bills, would complain because they weren’t in a wrapper.

Those people.

Our egos are exactly like “those” people.

They don’t mean to be like that, they just can’t help themselves.

The problem with that is that the griping gets in the way of any good.

If we leave our ego in charge for any length of time, it will get carried away with its own sense of importance.  Once this sets in, it’s very hard to dislodge it from its self-created throne.

You are NOT your ego.

You DON’T have to listen to that selfish, narcissistic voice.

You ARE a Divine creation, capable of your own accomplishments and miracles.

Your ego (and mine) keep telling us that the way to completeness is with that brand name purse, that designer coat, more money, more this, more that.

The truth that this obscures is that you have, right now, the capability to create something new.  That’s a miracle all by itself – the capability to create.

We have to be on guard against listening to that greedy, acquisitive voice in our heads, and move forward into creation mode.

What will you create today?

How will you react to the gifts the Universe will hand you?

Will you whine that it’s not in a pretty wrapping, that there’s no fancy bow?

Or will you express your sincerest gratitude, and get to work? 

Photo by Shawnee Wilborn, courtesy of Unsplash

Have an extraordinary day today!

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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