A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 100

Remember all the nonsense you’ve been taught?  All the insanity you were told was “true” when you were small?

Here’s an example:  My Mom grew up in the 30’s.  One of the things she “learned” growing up was that if you burned yourself, you put butter on the burn.

Sadly, the fact is that if you put any sort of fat, like butter, on a burn, what that actually does is produce a lovely scar.  Now, why in the world would anyone put grease on a burn?  Ya got me.  No idea.

Thankfully, when we moved to Arizona in the 60’s, my Mom quickly embraced the local wisdom that advised cutting a leaf of Aloe Vera plant, and wrapping the cut side down onto a burn.

Results?  Usually pretty dramatic!  Generally speaking, Aloe juice or gel on a burn will not only reduces the pain and promotes faster healing, it also will reduce any scarring.  Apparently there’s something in the gel that encourages the cells near the burn to repair the damage.

The world we live in is full of dis-information.

Why use old ideas when the results do not resemble the outcome we want?

Discard one outdated idea today.

Maybe it’s the idea that you lack something.  

If you frequently find yourself thinking that you don’t have enough of something, say money, catch yourself today each time that thought passes through your mind.  Replace it with the idea that you have plenty of money.  Remind yourself each time that the Universe holds EVERYTHING, and IT wants you to be filled with joy, and that everything is at your disposal.

Because YOUR happiness is part of the solution.

Reach for it.

Hold it in your hand, gently.

And be grateful for it.

Grant yourself that joy that extends beyond “reason”.  Get rid of those old, outdated ideas that don’t work.  Grow some new ones.

And have a marvelous day!

Photo by Pauline Basseville, courtesy of Unsplash
With Grace and Gratitude, 


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