A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 103

“We are not here to play it safe.  We are here…to shine.” (Pam Grout)

How true this is!

If you grew up like I did, in a very traditional Christian church, you were continually being instructed in how to”fit in”.  You were frequently informed about what was and was not considered “proper behavior”, and taught that you needed to control yourself, never get carried away, always keep a handle on your feelings.

Our kids are taught in school to sit quietly, pay attention (no matter how boring the subject or how poor the teacher), not to day dream, not to expect too much from life.

Where has it gotten us, this need for society to scrunch up our amazingly unique selves into cookie cutter shapes?  Has it made life better for even one person?  Has it made even one human being “better”?  Has the world actually gotten more generous, more giving, more loving?

I don’t believe so.

Despite the years of forced indoctrination, each of us still has a part that feels the need for freedom, the hunger to be accepted just as we are.  We each still want to BE, to love and work and live in a way that feeds the longings in our deepest heart.

Jesus set the example for us, and then told us to “Follow me”.  He did NOT say “Worship me”, did NOT say “Force other people to act differently” , and He DEFINITELY never said “Kill anyone who disagrees with you about what this means”!

He accepted into his company anyone who cared to listen: rich men, women of “questionable morals”, small children, and even tax collectors.  He healed anyone who believed He could heal them.  He asked blessings on those who did not.

Can we not follow that example?

You are capable of SO MUCH!  So much brilliance, so much creativity, so much love.

As He said – ” Don’t hide your light.  Let it shine! ”

Dazzle the world today!

Photo by Vincent Guth, courtesy of Unsplash

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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