A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 117

Whatever you pay attention to today, that’s what you experience.

Whatever you point at and stare at, that’s what you live.

The awesome part of this is that you can choose what to give yourself over to.

You can choose to see and experience love, kindness and creativity.

Or, you can choose to live through pain, separation and anxiety.

You can completely fill your mind with the endless possibilities of anything, but the point to remember is that it is your choice.

What is your creative outlet?

What do you make?

What do you do?

Whatever it is, do that, and enjoy the doing.  Express your gifts today and then celebrate the ability to create, whether you write, cook, garden, or teach.

Everything you do has the potential to be a creative outlet.  The Divine wants you to let those creations come to the light and be seen.  Get to work!  Plant the seeds, and give them a chance to grow!

Let your creativity loose today, and birth something new and amazing!  And share it, too.

If you need more inspiration to follow your creativity, I highly recommend Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic”.  It’s an incredible book that will guide you through your creative life.

And have a FABULOUS day today!

Photo by Emiel Molenaar, courtesy of Unsplash
With Grace and Gratitude, 


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