A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 127

“Love is a law that has no opposite.”

I’m reminded of how love affects our pets’lives (not sure how this triggered these memories, but…)

When my husband and I first married, we both had birds, mostly parrots as pets.  He had cockatiels and I had conures.  He had already built up a three generations of birds that were examples of beautiful colors and wonderful temperaments.

He taught me how to handfeed babies, and over a few years we raised hundreds of baby ‘tiels.  They were always so darn ugly when they first hatched, always squalling for food even when they were so full the extra was dribbling out of thier tiny beaks.  Feeding time always included plenty of warm, damp washcloths and ick on my clothes.

At one point, we ran out of time to handfeed all of them, and left the babies in the nests if the parents were doing a good job.  By then, we were five or six more generations into our breeding program, and all our parent birds were babies that I’d raised.

I’d scoot out to the barn to check on everyone in the morning before work.  Each walk-in aviary had a pair of birds with nests, or a group of juveniles learning how to fly and be strong, happy, friendly birds.

In the cages, I’d walk in and immediately get mobbed by babies or parents alike, fussing over my hair, playing with my earrings, or just landing on my head.

Even the parents with new chicks in the nests would walk along my arm as I opened boxes, fondly watching as I reached in and gently touched each baby, making sure that everyone was getting fed and was alert and bouncy.

I loved those birds, and they knew it.  The parent birds had never known anything but a loving gentle, caring human, so they never got protective or aggressive.

With only love as background, nothing else matters.

What if we put love in the forefront, and keep it there?

What can stand against love?

Rewind your day so far, and start with love.

Have a marvelous day today!

Photo by Deva Prasana, courtesy of Unsplash

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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