A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 141

Get to the truth of who you are.

The hamster running on its wheel in my head tells me continually all the stuff I “need to do” to improve myself.  Let me tell you, it’s a very long list.  There’s really not as much repetition as you might think.

Is your brain like that, too?

Do you have a running commentary in your head, constantly reminding you of all the things you haven’t done yet, all the things you need to do to “get ahead”?

I have to remind myself that that’s my ego talking, and it’s not exactly bosom buddies with the real truth – that today I am sufficient to the needs of truth and love.

Everything that I am (and everything that you are) is everything we each need to be today.

Love in an unending stream will fill you up and overflow, washing away all that trivial bullsh*t our egos try to pour in to poison the truth.

Stop the hamster wheel.  

Take your ego out of the cage in your head and turn it loose in the woods.  You’ll be so much better off without it!

Know yourself.  Not your ego, but your true self.  And rest assured that you are (in the words of Robert Hollis, an amazing network marketing guru) “greatly blessedhighly favoredand deeply loved“.

Have a fabulously wonderful day today!

Photo by Chaozzy Lin, courtesy of Unsplash

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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