A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 144

Remain open to life’s amazing grace.

When I went back to Arzona State University, to complete my Bachelor’s degree after a ten year hiatus, I managed to sign up for a course on Riparian Ecology.

The things I learned in that class still come back to me sometimes – the amazing ways that plants cope with the “feast or famine” of water availability still leaves me in wonderment.

In the Sonoran  Desert where I grew up, there are cacti that pull in every bit of water they can reach when it rains, and lock it up in a greenish goo that sustains them through the long months of drought.  Cacti are so adapted that they don’t even have leaves – just spines – so they don’t lose as much water when they “breathe”.

Ocotillo plants look like spiny sticks for most of the year, but when the rains come, they burst into leaf, then produce extravagant wands of scarlet blooms for hummingbirds and insects to feast on.

If you see Cottonwood trees in the desert, you know there’s water there – they’re notorious for using amazing amounts of water.  I remember in the 80s (or possibly the 90s) the water companies in the Central valley cut down all the Cottonwoods along the irrigation canals, claiming they stole too much water. What a shame that was.

We’re a part of an ecology that is more complex and detailed than we’ve figured out.  

Our place is to dream big and to love bigger, to adapt ourselves to fit our place in the world.  We get to choose, though, unlike the cactus plants.

Where do you fit in?  Where do you want to be?  Claim that place today!

Be your most loving, your most forgiving, and your most grateful self today.

Change the world!  We truly are all in this together!

Photo by Denisse Leon, courtesy of Unsplash
With Grace and Gratitude, 


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