A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 146

Only love is real.

Love is the enduring power of this divine universe that we share.

Anything that purports to show division is an illusion.

The world that we experience is like a mushroom:  the cap is what we see.  In reality, the fungi itself is much, much larger, incredibly complex, and completely interwoven into its environment.

The cap is the fruiting body of the fungi, not the whole ‘animal’.  The vast majority of the “body” is made up of a complex mat of thread-like mycelium.  These mycelium are generally only a cell or two thick, and have been measured at up to 8 miles worth in a single cubic inch of soil (according to Mycelium Running)!

All those tiny threads provide a lot more cell surface to absorb water and nutrients even when they’re hard to find.  They’re the back-up plan for drought or scarcity of any kind.

The Divine Plan is exactly like fungi.  Although we may only see or experience or pay attention to the cap ( because, after all, that’s the edible part), there’s SO much more going on that we never really take a look at!  Whether we look or not, though, it’s definitely still there, (like those mycelia) still surrounding us, still trying to provide and protect us.

We try to separate the cap from the creature, but reality shows they aren’t separate entities.

We are inextricably linked to everyone and everything “else” on this planet of ours.

The more we each rejoice in gratitude, the stronger those underlying connections become.

Love binds us all into one, though some may perceive us as separate.

Extend your reach.  Offer love and gratitude, and build your connection with tmhose around you, and with the Divine.

Have a wonderful day today!

Photo by Zhen Hu, courtesy of Unsplash
With Grace and Gratitude, 


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