A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 166

What gifts surround me, that I overlook?

What blessings do I discount each day, taking them for granted?

How often do I give thanks?

I know I should spend every waking moment in gratitude.  How often do I actually succeed?

Not nearly often enough!  Unfortunately, I get sidetracked each day by the tiny aggravations and irritations of the average working day.

In order to move on, though, and become better, I have to constantly remind myself of all those things that I do take for granted.

I have so much!  My husband, my son, our home.  I’ve got a cat who’s been in the family for 13 years!  She’s definitely a trial sometimes, but she’s very precious.

I’ve got 2 sugar gliders who crab at me when I wake them up for a grasshopper treat.  I’ve got finches who beep constantly if their food or water is getting low.  I’ve got a couple of bunnies in our springhouse who put their heads down to get petted, when I feed and water them.  They get to run on the floor when I’m working on my rowing machine, and they hop, run and slide around as fast as they can go.

I’m blessed to have work that’s unlikely to be downsized, and my husband’s job is the same.

Life is so good.

Let’s celebrate all the gifts we’re given today!

Photo by Luca Bravo, courtesy of Unsplash

With Grace and Gratitude,


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