A Course in Miracles Experimental (by Pam Grout) Day 171

Everything we are and everything we experience is part of the Divine plan.

Every little thing that we do or say ripples through the Universe and affects each person and being.

Think about it:  If you wake up and your back hurts (like mine does most days) it’s easy to react to that by grouching at your partner or your child.  When you do that, you’ve given away your innate power to overcome the circumstance and pushed something negative into their path.

Does that make your back feel better?  It sure doesn’t help mine!  

If I instead relegate the ache to a lower level in my mind, and focus instead on the fact that I’m still mobile and active and have important work to accomplish today, I find that it’s not that important if I have some pain.  In fact, this pain forces me to look away and reminds me that there is work to do. I really have to bring my creative game up a level to get past it.

The pain isn’t the real issue.  My reaction to it, is.

How will you respond to your challenges today?  Will you grab hold of your Divinity with both hands and make something positive?  Let’s both get our and find our wave!

Photo by Sean O, courtesy of Unsplash

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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