A Course in Miracles Experimental (by Pam Grout) Day 173

Turn off your ego for a while.

Your ego (and mine) have an extremely limited idea of how things ought to be.

One thing that will quiet that snarky little voice is awe.

Have you noticed that when you see or experience something awe-inspiring that your ego shuts the heck up?

I find awe in some pretty mundane places:  my front porch, even.  Earlier this year I was privileged to be in my porch chair when a series of teeny praying mantis hatched from an egg case that had been laid under the head cushion last fall.  Suddenly there was a veritable avalanche of miniature predators, each small enough to fit in a fingernail along with several siblings.

As I sat and watched them emerge from that big-time case, exploding like itty bitty firecrackers, I was completely overcome with wonder at the complexity and richness of life on this planet.

We (I called my son out to help) herded the babies gently one by one into the porch plants, trying to make sure they each had a chance to find some food and survive.

Each time we thought we’d gotten everyone safely relocated, more would pop up – in the siding above the chair, on my arm, on the table!

Finally they quit appearing and we rested, hoping that they would find shelter and food and be safe from our busy house wrens.  

The sense of wonder I felt at being present for this magical multiple birthing is impossible to really convey, but each time we’d see a mantis on the porch over the next few weeks it would strike me again.

What inspires your sense of awe and wonder?


Video by LeslieAnne Hasty, courtesy of Mother Nature!

With Grace and Gratitude, 


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