A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 174

My ego tries really hard to control my entire life.

It’s the snarky little voice that wants me to retreat into a shell, wanting too “protect” me from all those hazards out in the big scary world.

The problem with that whole scenario is that if I’m tucked away safe in my little hermit crab shell, I quickly run out of room to grow.

That voice would keep me safe, but at what cost?

If I’m hiding in my “safe” place, I can’t see the wonders that surround me – just the tiny bit of the world that’s right inn front of me.

Hiding in my shell, I am less vulnerable, but I also am limited in my perceptions and in my actions.

In order to grow and give, I have to take courage in hand and climb out of my shell to join the dance.

Do you hide in your shell when you get challenged?  Or can you bring yourself to face it, knowing that the Universe won’t fish out more than you can handle?

Open up to the wondrous world in all its forms and complexity!  Experience everything today!

Photo by Peggy Choucair,  courtesy of Pixabay

With Grace and Gratitude, 


And if you like Hermit Crabs, check out My Hermit Crab Journal and learn facts and trivia about these fascinating creatures at https://bit.ly/HermitCrabFun

Have a wonderful day!

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