A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 164

“All the great empires of the future will be empires of the mind.” Winston Churchill, 1953

I think Prime Minister Churchill might be pretty disappointed in how far we’ve come.

Instead of grabbing hold of the opportunity to create positive change, we’ve gone further and further down the path of self-destruction.

Instead of joining into communities that focus on making the world a better place for everyone, we’ve retreated into our own private corner of hell.

By using the past as the lens through which we view the world, we focus only on what’s already happened and on how we perceived it at that time.

But the truth is waiting to be seen and heard.  The truth is that we can change everything!

You can choose what you see, what you experience, and how you react to those events.  By actively seeking the truth, you change your reactions.  You change your experience.  As a result, you change yourself, evolving into the new human you can become.

Need an example?  The Khasi people of India live in one of the wettest spots on the planet, separated by rivers, lakes and swamps.  They have figured out how to train the trees to grow “living bridges” to stay connected with each other!  Check it out at http://click.nl.npr.org/?qs=8f2b3bf54f93029f567cff8d4a2d1dab79e2ae1251918ef169fee9b55877375907be0091fd2f5aa375629c72ecbacc26e0fe914696e42455

Are you ready to make the effort to change?

Photo by Rachel C, courtesy of Unsplash

With Grace and Gratitude,