A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 142

Only love matters.

Only love is real.

Everything else is a distraction, meant to draw us off the right track and delay our trip.

All the attention we give to anything besides love is a waste of our minds, our time, and our resources.

Love is the answer to every question of importance, to every situation, to every dilemma we might face.

Love can cure any illness, solve any problems, repair any relationship.

Each day, if we put on that attitude of love and gratitude, will fulfill our responsibility to ourselves and those around us to do our best, be our best. This is the most efficient route for you and me.

Twice today, for five minutes, stop what you’re doing and remember that love and gratitude will change the world.  Your love and gratitude (and mine) are what we need to change the world.

Let’s do it.  Together. Today.

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With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 141

Get to the truth of who you are.

The hamster running on its wheel in my head tells me continually all the stuff I “need to do” to improve myself.  Let me tell you, it’s a very long list.  There’s really not as much repetition as you might think.

Is your brain like that, too?

Do you have a running commentary in your head, constantly reminding you of all the things you haven’t done yet, all the things you need to do to “get ahead”?

I have to remind myself that that’s my ego talking, and it’s not exactly bosom buddies with the real truth – that today I am sufficient to the needs of truth and love.

Everything that I am (and everything that you are) is everything we each need to be today.

Love in an unending stream will fill you up and overflow, washing away all that trivial bullsh*t our egos try to pour in to poison the truth.

Stop the hamster wheel.  

Take your ego out of the cage in your head and turn it loose in the woods.  You’ll be so much better off without it!

Know yourself.  Not your ego, but your true self.  And rest assured that you are (in the words of Robert Hollis, an amazing network marketing guru) “greatly blessedhighly favoredand deeply loved“.

Have a fabulously wonderful day today!

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With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 140

Choose love today.

Commit your entire being today to the propagation of love.

Forget all the garbage that’s spread around us in a banquet of negativity.

Forgive the wrongs you’ve experienced, the hurts that have scarred your soul.

Remember that nothing can hurt you if you don’t allow it.

Make the conscious decision to be the human you’re intended to be, and keep that thought uppermost in your mind today.

Enough ripples of love can merge into a tsunami of caring, overtaking and cancelling out the tide of negativity that is trying to drown our humanity.

Celebrate the birth of a revelation – that one person can change the entire world, with love.  Celebrate that that person is you!

Have a marvelous day today!  It’s a day of celebration!

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With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 139

I am lovable.  I am loving.  And I am loved.

These are the truly important facts that I need to frame my days.

Despite what the media reports to us, despite any evidence to the contrary, these facts are the basis for making the entire world a better place.

You ARE lovable.  You ARE loving.  And you ARE loved.

With this as our cornerstone, we can build an empire of true and eternal love.

When we stop believing that internal narrative that tells us everything that’s wrong, tells us we should be frightened, that we should spend our days cowering in a corner somewhere – that’s when we grab hold of love and step out into the promise of a brand new day.

Think about it.  Do you want to believe in all that negativity?  Probably not.  But we tend to forget to keep our guard up, and those negative thoughts will slide in through the smallest crack.

Put on your armor of love today.  Wrap yourself up in a robe made of hope.  Grab up those rose-tinted glasses, and remind yourself that you have faith.

And spread the truth.  Love is where it’s at.  Let’s travel this road together.

Have an extraordinary day today!

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With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 138

Decide on heaven today.

Take 5 minutes.

Step outside.  Look at the sky.

Smile.  Feel beautiful.

Yesterday I got in our little pool, climbed into my son’s floaty chair, and just looked at the sky.

No thoughts.  No worries.  No decisions or judgements.

Just watching the clouds build and shift, listening to the amazing array of birds busily singing away. Feeling beautiful.

It’s always been a rejuvenating experience for me, to be able to just exist in nature.

What’s your “feeling beautiful” exercise?  How do you connect with the natural world?  When do you know you need to recharge your ‘nature’ batteries?  Do you make it a regular practice?

I’m so blessed to have so much nature in my yard.  I’ve got Bluebirds, Cardinals, Goldfinches, three different kinds of Woodpeckers, an occasional pair of Bluejays.  There’s Titmice, Nuthatches, and a Phoebe with her nest over the basement porch door.  We’ve got a family of Grey squirrels, several wild rabbits, and once in a great while we see one of the neighborhood Red fox family.

And then, about the time I get into that Zen state, a tree frog croaks, right next to me by the volume, and practically knocks me off the float and into the water.  Darn those things are loud!  

Nature.  This is where it’s at.  Go there today.  Charge up your mind, your heart and soul, by connecting to something in nature today.  Feel the ties that bind us to the planet, and that feed us and nourish us every day. Be beautiful.

And don’t forget to be thankful!

Have an extraordinary day today!

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With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 137

“We’re all in this together.”

 We’re not nearly as separate from everyone around us as our ego wants us to believe.

Together is how we are, and the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us exactly how un-separate each of us remains.

If a virus, depending on some sort of physical transmission, can literally cover the planet in a few months, how much faster can an idea move?

What if we started to repeat “We’re all in this together” every time we think those negative thoughts about someone?

A new study in the scientific journal “Science Advances” this month shows that people are generally inclined to give or do for someone else even if it costs them something, and it’s not just motivated by the thought that something good will come back to them as a result.

This study also found that when you see someone being generous or kind, you’re more likely to be generous or kind in turn. 

So if you “pay it forward” and pay for a Starbucks for the person behind you in line, the ripples move out through the world.

We ARE all connected, whether we want to admit it or not.

Forget the ripples.  Go out today and make a splash!

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With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 136

Fire your ego.

Remember when you were a child, that feeling that every good thing would be yours in time?

Remember the rock-solid certainty that the world was just waiting for you to get things done, so the celebration could start?

Remember that gut-level knowledge, how full of power and connection you were?

Well, the only thing standing between you and those feelings now is your ego.

Our ego builds up a storyline, just like the evil sorceress in Terry Pratchett’s  “Witches Abroad” .  After a while, the story gains momentum and carries on all by itself, without you paying any attention whatsoever.

Rewrite your story.  Change your life.  Get rid of your ego’s self-serving BS, and replace it with the life you CONSCIOUSLY want to live.  Reclaim that childhood power to believe.  Allow the Divine to guide you to where you need to be.

And give thanks every day, for the blessings you recognize and the ones you don’t!

Have a marvelous day today!

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With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 135

“Anything thing that appears to threaten me is a chance to evolve…”

 Anything, here, really means ANYTHING.

Whether it’s an annoying neighbor, the seasonal Saharan dust storm sweeping across the continent, or the possibility of contracting the novel Corona virus, everything that brings on a feeling of being threatened highlights an opportunity to become more than you are.

Shine a light on that fear, and learn from it.

Remember that everything is connected, and fear only comes from the ego, constructing that “scary” reality that has no basis in truth.

Boot your ego in the butt, and toss it out the door!

The truth is that you are great.  The truth is that you have the potential to be incredible!  Let go of the fear and move on.

Allow the Divine to shower blessings on you today so your cup truly overflows.

Have a marvelous day today!

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With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 134

Your mind controls your reality.

There are numerous scientific studies that confirm the point of this lesson: If I think of myself as a victim, if I expect attack at any moment, that’s exactly what will happen.

If I walk down a city street with an expectation that am going to get mugged, that expectation shows in my body language.  The message I exude is “Attack me.”

 If I stride out with confidence and pride, the likelihood of assault drops to nearly nothing.

The same principle plays out in the natural world as well.  A hummingbird that weighs a couple of grams will attack without hesitation anything that threatens her nest, no matter how much bigger.  I’ve seen a hummer chasing a red-tailed hawk that outweighed them by several pounds!

The hummer doesn’t give two hoots about size.  She knows that her territory, her nest, her babies are THE most important thing and will take action on that knowledge.

Most creatures won’t bother a hummingbird, because they have no fear.

You and I have nothing to fear today.  We can move into the world confident that everything that happens around us today is FOR us.  Everything (and that does mean EVERYTHING) that goes on today will be to our benefit in some way.

Expect a miracle today.  Look around you with care, seeking out that gift.  Thank the Universe for it!  And write me back about your special present from the Divine.  I’d love to hear your story.

Have a blessed day today!

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With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 133

Reframe reality.

Forget the “Oh, woe is me” crap that we’ve been conditioned to believe in.

Forget the cultural “divide” that the media so strongly suggests we subscribe to.

Forget the idea that anyone can make you angry, can upset you, can do anything TO you.  Reality is that without your permission, no one can “make” you feel anything, do anything.  

You and I have to face the fact that every person on this planet, every living being here with us, is as interconnected as the strands of a spiders’ web.  When something disturbs one corner of that delicate construction, every part of the web wobbles.  The only separation between us is what we construct.

What if every single person today decided to be loving, kind, and thoughtful no matter what happened around them?  Suddenly, that delicate web would become a net.  It would be stronger, better, more easily seen.

If we continued?  As the threads thicken and become more numerous we soon have a sheet of cloth.  How much more can you catch with a sheet than a spider’s web?

If we could keep adding layers of love, of kindness and generosity, we build a quilt.  Multiple levels of thoughtfulness, of giving will sew together every person of every color, every religion, every ethnicity into a warming, enveloping long-lasting quilt of well-being that could cover the planet.

Open your heart.

Open your eyes.

Let go of the tiny world your brain has you penned into, and come out in the open air and freedom.

Allow the Universe to bless you today, wrap up in that quilt of loving kindness, and then pass it on!

Have a marvelous day!

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With Grace and Gratitude,