A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 36

How much love can you project today?

I hope you’ve met someone in your life who always radiates calmness, kindness and acceptance.  What would that be like, to live inside that bubble of love and gratitude?

Try it out today.  See how much love you can toss out into your personal corner of the Universe, and watch what happens.

Beware!  Your view of your co-workers and acquaintances will start to change.

Instead of a frazzled, impatient, aggravated young woman, you might find a loving single mom who really wants to help people, but just can’t quite figure out how.

That annoying guy who “knows it all” may actually be someone who hasn’t quite mastered the social skills that would allow him to help you figure out a difficult problem.

Four times today, spend 3 minutes concentrating on sending out ripples of love and caring to everyone and everything around you.

And don’t forget your pet(s) and your plants!  Even plants respond to positive emotions, and your pets seem to always know how you’re feeling.  Dose them all with some shots of love today!

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With Grace and Gratitude,


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 20

“Today I am determined to see.”

 Commit today to seeing a radically different reality.  

Look for a reality where kids DON’T grow up being bullied in school, because the kids who’d be bullies, don’t need to be.

It’s easy to love the people who we’re already attracted to (or, in my grammar-perfect household, to whom we’re attracted).

But everyone has some redeeming qualities, and today your task is to really LOOK.  

I just read an article about a prison where the inmates are given the chance to study and earn college degrees.  That institution has a less than 2% return rate.  

Those are people who didn’t grow up in the same world that  I did, but they’re getting a chance to change their world, and that of their children.  And 98% of them are grabbing that chance with both hands and hanging on for dear life.

It’s hard to change our brains, but it’s so rewarding.  Suddenly, there’s a lot more to love out there, in this crazy, busy, beautiful world!

Three or four times today, stop and really LOOK.  Try to see the truth under the surface “reality”.  Think about that person who you hate to be around, and SEE the person under those mannerisms that drive you crazy.  

And remind yourself, everyone is worth loving.  Everything is here for a reason.  But you have to train your brain to really LOOK, before you can see that deeper truth.  Find it!

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A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 18

Today is all about being interconnected with everything and everyone else.

I remember in my Junior High science class the feeling I got when I realized just how interconnected everything is in Nature.

Its “starts” with sunlight (because you gotta start somewhere).  Sunlight, beaming down on plants, lets them grow.  Rain does, too.  The plants feed animals, some of whom get eaten by other animals.  The wastes from these animals get used by the plants to grow more plants, which feed more animals, and so on.  (Please excuse the simplification here!)

The point, though, is that without the plants, the animals can’t survive.  Without the animals, the plants would take over, then die.  It’s all dependent on every part of the system.  Without rain, or sunlight, or plants, or animals, the system collapses.

How we perceive the things and people around us, has an effect on both them and us.

If I believe that the young lady who works next to me is a thoughtless, inept, unintelligent person, my reactions to her are colored by that belief.  And she in turn, will “feel” that vibe, and react to me in ways that are consistent with that notion.

So my thoughts have an effect on the things and people around me.  I’m an inextricable part of the system.

Today’s practice thought is this:

“I am not alone in experiencing the effects of how I see ________.”

Three or four times today, look around and pick some random object.  

Say to yourself “I am not alone experiencing the effects of how I see my computer”.

 “I am not alone in experiencing the effects of how I see that Valentine’s day bouquet.”

And remind yourself that whatever vibration you’re experiencing, can be felt by everyone and everything else.  Ripples of intent and energy surround us all!

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A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 16

“My thoughts have no effect…”


Wait a damn minute!


Well, it’s not true.  Actually, the way I see it, my thoughts DO have an effect if I focus on them.

And the lesson is “There are no NEUTRAL thoughts.”

Every thought I pay attention to, has some effect.  If I focus on the crazy, expanding universe and the countless blessings that are mine, I receive more of that.

If I focus on the “news” about climate change, crazy gun-wielding  extremists, and how everyone in the world is out to ruin my day, I get more of that.

Pay attention to what you pay attention to!

Focus on the things in your life that are wondrous, your friends, your family, your cat or dog.  And appreciate how blessed you are.  This is what sets you up to be more blessed, and it turns into a self-fulfilling circle.

 Stop making room in your life for junk!  Would you save a room in your house for the garbage?  One room just to keep all the trash, the broken toys and appliances, the ripped clothing, the dirty diapers?

Hell, no!

You keep EVERY room clean (ar least reasonably so) and take the trash out to the curb.

Take your mental trash OUT, and quit bringing it back in!

And, have a miraculous day today!

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A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 15

Be suspicious.  Very suspicious.  That whiny, snarky, rude and obnoxious voice in your head?
Don’t trust that one.

Here’s the thing:  There’s actually another voice in there, too.  But it’s the “still, small voice” that I remember hearing about in Sunday school, many years ago.

It’s not loud.  It’s not pushy.  It’s not at all critical, of you or anyone else.  It’s the teeny tiny sound of immense love and acceptance.

But that small sweet voice is usually drowned out by that loud, critical, smart-ass voice.  And the more you listen (to whichever one you choose), the more you focus on that view of the world, and the more of that side you see.

That smart-ass  may be kinda funny.  In a snarky way.  But that voice does NOT have your best interest in mind.

It’s like a story I remember about a guy who had a tiny angel on one shoulder, and a tiny devil on the other.  And they both were trying to get him to do something.  

The devil was busy trying to convince him to do something that sorta sounded okay, but wasn’t.  And the angel wanted him to do what was right.

Which one was louder?  Yep.  The devil.

Your head is just like that.

Which voice are you going to focus on today?

Look around yourself and repeat at least three times today “My thoughts are images that I have made.”

“This cup of coffee, this computer, this chair that I’m sitting in, these are all thoughts I’ve made.”

 You don’t have to believe it.  Just say it.

And have a fabulous day!

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