A Course in Miracles Experimental (by Pam Grout) Day 172

The Universe created everything out of a need to share love.

We’re just evidence of that abiding love.

If what I’m feeling today isn’t in tune with that ideal of love, abundance and sharing of every good thing, then I need to take Jesus’ advice and turn my cheek.

Now, that’s not to say that I have to stand in place and get beaten up out of a bizarre need to prove some point.

I need to turn my face away from that negativity and engage my feet and brain to go to a better place.  I’m needing to move my eyes away from that darkness and embrace the happiness and light that are my birthright.

When I look at the light, I lose the ability to even see the shadow.  Light always overcomes the darkness.

Turn your cheek!  Aim your whole self at the light, and leave the darkness behind you!

And have a truly wonderful day today!

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With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experimental (by Pam Grout) Day 171

Everything we are and everything we experience is part of the Divine plan.

Every little thing that we do or say ripples through the Universe and affects each person and being.

Think about it:  If you wake up and your back hurts (like mine does most days) it’s easy to react to that by grouching at your partner or your child.  When you do that, you’ve given away your innate power to overcome the circumstance and pushed something negative into their path.

Does that make your back feel better?  It sure doesn’t help mine!  

If I instead relegate the ache to a lower level in my mind, and focus instead on the fact that I’m still mobile and active and have important work to accomplish today, I find that it’s not that important if I have some pain.  In fact, this pain forces me to look away and reminds me that there is work to do. I really have to bring my creative game up a level to get past it.

The pain isn’t the real issue.  My reaction to it, is.

How will you respond to your challenges today?  Will you grab hold of your Divinity with both hands and make something positive?  Let’s both get our and find our wave!

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With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 170

Have you thought lately about how your beliefs are limiting you?  Here’s a common example:

Do you have the basic idea that if you work hard, save money and build up a good retirement fund that you’re doing well?

I’m not arguing whether it’s true or not, just asking.  That’s certainly what was drummed into my head when I was growing up.

What if we each took that idea and turned it upside down and inside out?

What if you and I spent all our time trying to follow our innate passion, trying to make a difference in the world?

Instead of working at enriching ourselves then parking in front of the TV, what if everyone decided to go next door today and do something nice or helpful for a neighbor?  What if everyone did this every day?

Ten minutes could change your view of your neighbor, yourself, and your life.  Ten minutes could start a chain reaction that could easily change lives all over the world.

We can change ourselves.  We can change the world.  That’s the bottom line.  We, you and I, CAN change the world.  We don’t need to wait for it to come, although come it will.  Like the seasons, change is part of life.  

Let’s go to it!

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With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 169

What do you believe about the abundance of resources?

Do you believe deep down, that there’s only so much food, or money, or shelter, and that it’s not enough for everyone to have plenty?

I still remember my High School science teacher telling us that within 20 years, we wouldn’t be able to produce enough food to feed all the people on the planet.

Forty years later, we still have plenty of food, and still can’t seem to get it to everyone.

The issue is not a lack of abundance.

The issue is whether we believe we can make something happen, and then whether we get off our behinds and act on that belief.

With belief in ourselves comes a willingness to engage in creative thinking, an ability to entertain possibilities.

If you deny the possibility of something ever happening, you push it away, and fulfill your own prophecy.

I don’t honestly know if what I write here will ever change anyone else’s mind about anything.  But I do know that what I’m writing (and thinking) is changing my mind, and that’s what this is about.

If I can help you find your dream and make it happen, that’s definitely a BIG plus.  But my mind is my responsibility, and you have to take care of yours.  I can almost feel my mind stretching a little bit each day, making room for an infinite variety of possibilities.

I do hope you’re along for the ride!

Have a fabulous day today!

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With Grace and Gratitude,


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 168

Claim your blessings today.

Take 15 minutes today to mentally experience all the riches in the Universe, and send those thoughts out into the ether.

The idea of the “gift economy” states that the more I give away, the more I receive.  If I can give everything away, I will be overwhelmingly gifted in return.

By giving, I acknowledge that it’s not really “mine” anyway, and I make room for even more to come.

By giving, I claim the right to receive.

Quantum physics tells us that thoughts have the power to change the physical world.  We change the world around us just by observing it.  If we contribute to the positive, more positive things will be attracted to us.

What will you give today?  And what will you receive?

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With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 167

Death is not the enemy.

Death is an illusion that we use to “protect” ourselves from the fact that our physical being is a temporary shell.

Like the little hermit crab, we need to continue growing, and as we do, we outgrow the shell we’ve borrowed for the present.

Any form of negativity slows down our growth, our expansion into new realms of joy, peace, prosperity.

Anxiety, sorrow, suffering, even the smallest discomfort – all these give power away to the whole illusion that death is real.

Ecology teaches us that death is a part of life, not its opposite.  Death is just a transfer of energy from one state of being to another.  Every tree that burns in a fire is converted into nutrients for the next generation of trees. Every blade of grass eaten by a horse, a rabbit, a cow, is converted into manure that enriches the soil for the plants that remain.

Just because we can’t see our loved ones on this plane of existence, does not mean they’re “gone”.  We just have to open our minds to let in the joy and happiness they’re experiencing now.

Don’t let negativity take away your life!

Keep growing, and get ready to trade in the shell you’re using now for a larger one.  And prepare yourself for the day when you no longer need that shell for protection!

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With Grace and Gratitude, 


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A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 98

What does salvation mean to you?

Does it involve lengthy intervals in a place of worship, asking forgiveness for a myriad of sins?

Or maybe it’s something more ephemeral, more elusive?

What if “salvation” is all about the fact that we wake up each day, watching the sun come up?  What if salvation doesn’t actually require that effort, but just participation and appreciation?

Every day we get a chance to start again, to do good, to be better than the day before.

What a gift!

You DO have choices.  Sometimes you get so mired in the quicksand of “daily life” that it gets really hard to see those choices, but they are there.

The choices define you, and they help define your idea of “salvation”.

What if you decide today that everything is going to be wonderful, that you’re going to have a perfect day, no matter what anyone else does or says?   It will happen just as you expect it.

Remember today that it’s Spring!  Time for renewal, for birth (or rebirth), for the sun to rise and shine without any effort on your part.

Enjoy the day!  It’s a gift!  Wrapped in sunlight, tied with a ribbon of rainbow, made up just for you.  Be “saved”.  Take time to appreciate the fact that you are alive!  And have a lovely day!

Photo by Tyler Horsley, courtesy of FlamingPurpleJellyfish
With Grace and Gratitude,