A Course in Miracles Experimental (by Pam Grout) Day 182

“You are the Universe experiencing Itself.” – Alan Watts

If I allow that this might be true, so many of my ingrained beliefs come into question.

If I let this idea grow and bloom, I have no choice but to open my mind and give it room.

If this is true, and I have a bone-deep feeling that it is, then I need to beat some of the barnacles off my brain and allow some fresh air, and fresh ideas, back in.  I have to make the space in my life and in my head to figure out what this really means.

Twice a day, when I’m falling asleep and when I’m waking up, there’s a few magical moments when my mind is sort of floating free – drifting and receptive.

I’m trying to use those mystical seconds to aim my consciousness at the Almighty, striving for a closer connection.

What do you think of as you let go of the conscious world and drift off to sleep?

Photo by Taylor Leopold, courtesy of Unsplash
With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 181

There’s a saying that you’ve surely heard:  “All we really have is today.”

 And if you can stop the running commentary on your head that’s continually trying to re-run the past or interpret someone else’s motivations, and focus on today, you’ll find a wellspring of hot in the now.

It’s hard to do, but Oh, so worth the effort!

I have spent way too much time on my life focussing on the things I didn’t want, that I’ve not had the energy or space to consider what I DO want.  

Maybe you have, too.

Take ten minutes out of your day to think hard about what you wish your life actually consisted of, without making comparisons to your actual life, and without judging yourself for where you really are or how you got there.

Let right now be where you are, wholeheartedly and with your full attention.

It’s amazing how different everything looks when you change your focus.

Stop looking at the bacteria under the microscope and step back into the sunlight.

Enjoy the day!

Photo by Aaron Burden, courtesy of Unsplash
With Grace and Gratitude, 


A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 180

Grace is where it’s at.

Just think about it.

Without Grace, my life becomes a series of painful experiences with no end in sight.

If I allow myself room for Grace, I can release all the negativity and begin to move on in my life.

If I give Grace a chance, I receive more than I give.

How can I do this?

When my husband grumps at me over something trivial, I mentally take a step back and a deep breath.  I remind myself that what hes experiencing is not at all what Im experiencing, and that without Grace, I won’t achieve understanding.

Then, I can “turn the other cheek”, see a different viewpoint, and respond appropriately.  Anger, irritation, or negativity will block my source of Grace, and they just get in the way!

Do you find yourself snapping back in anger or aggravation?

Try taking that deep breath.  Try to give Grace room in your head, your heart, your life.

Then, you can handle anything that anyone tosses your way, and hit it square on and right out of the ballpark!

Try it this morning.  Try it.  Then try to tell me it doesn’t work.  Because I have seen it in action, and the results are truly astonishing.

Photo by SAMIMX, courtesy of Pixabay

With Grace and Gratitude,