The Course in Miracles Experiment     (by Pam Grout)

Just got my copy of this book!

I found Pam Grout’s E2 (E-Squared) while i was off work recently healing a broken left foot.

It was exactly the kind of thing I’ve been looking for for many years.  As the unsuspecting Mom of a now 16-year-old young man, and unwitting wife of 21 years to a grumpy old guy, I’m honestly the last person to complain about much in my life.

I’ve had miracles happen in my life.

I’ve had awful things happen, too.

And I’ve done stupid crap.

But I’m firmly convinced that we as a species must be capable of so much more!

I KNOW that there are SO many more things I can contribute to this crazy world.

So here goes…

I’m going to work this book every day.

And I’m going to share what happens every day.

It may not be long.  But I’ll do it every day.

And, I’ll find one  photo of something miraculous to share.  Every day.

Because we all can use a reminder of just how amazing this planet is, and how blessed we are to be alive!

Today’s experiment is to look around the room I’m in and state “This (fill in the blank) means nothing.  This lamp means nothing. This terrarium means nothing.”

 Okay.  Done that.

But, here’s my streak of contrary.

“Those plants mean something!  That guy (hubby) DEFINITELY means something!  My cat means something!”

 Sorry, Pam😍. My theory is that if it moves on its own, it’s alive.  And that does mean something!

Here’s another thing that means something.  This little guy (or girl) is hibernating in one of my fig trees, which we brought inside for the winter.  Yep, he’s in my springhouse!

With Grace and Gratitude,