What does it mean?  (A Course in Miracles Experiment, Day 2)

I’ve been reading lately about the quandary of space vs time.  Pam Grout brings up that particle physics is all about really wierd stuff that “makes no sense”

Space and time are apparently not separate.  So, there’s a space/time thing, in which particles can abruptly disappear then reappear thousands of miles away for no visible reason.

And, contrary to what I was taught in school, observing something changes the behavior of the thing you’re observing.

 Proven fact.

So, what am I giving meaning to right now?

I’m giving meaning to a pile of brightly colored wool roving.  It means to me that I’ll be creating cool little critters and crazy masks out of purples, blues, browns, and oranges for a while.

I’m giving meaning to my clean clothes, my warm blankie around my shoulders, my collection of tiny glass beads, and this wonderful cup of coffee.

What are you going to give meaning to, today?

Photo by LeslieAnne Hasty

With Grace and Gratitude,