What We’re About: FPJ

I started FPJ as a way to give back. When I first looked for a place to volunteer, I found the Arizona Sugar Glider Rescue. I knew nothing about Sugar Gliders, but I knew I wanted to help out. So I went over for several visits, and learned all about Sugar Gliders: where they’re from, what they eat, how they act. And, I fell madly in love with them.
I ended up adopting a pair of Gliders, and had them until they passed away a couple of years ago. That pair of tiny, fuzzy, odd critters changed my life. Since then, I’ve adopted more gliders, moved to Kentucky, and been through a lot of changes. A year ago, I had some time off work with a broken foot, and I spent a lot of time with my gliders. I decided that I wanted to give back to the AZ SGR, and my son and I picked Flaming Purple Jellyfish as our unique brand name. Then I wrote my first Journal: My Sugar Glider Journal.
I donate the profits from the sales of this Journal to the AZ SGR. Then I found that they were also rescuing and re-homing Hedgehogs, so I created My Hedgehog Journal. Profits from both of these go to the AZ SGR. By the time I’d created two Journals, I wanted to do more. As a life-long pet owner, I created more Journals for People Who Love Pets (and other animals) and want to gain a better understanding and appreciation for these furry, feathered, and scaly family members.
Now I’m up to 30+ Journals, and I have a list a literal mile long of more to do! Check out my Amazon Author page at http://bit.ly/FPJ_Journals for a current list of my titles!