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FlamingPurpleJellyfish is ALL about appreciation. We get so caught up listening to the snarky voice in our heads, we forget to stop and just BE.  I believe there’s a lot to be learned and re-learned from nature, and that we need to be more aware of what’s going on ‘out there’, so I’m writing about stuff you may not know about nature, critters, and quantum physics.  Really. My mission is to help you re-connect with nature and your life by reminding you how amazing, interesting, and just plain crazy animals and plants (and people) are!
Baby Coturnix quail.
We live on a few acres in Hillsboro, Kentucky, in an Amish house that we’re remodeling. Our son is 16 now, and enjoys hiking, fishing and hunting. He’s been homeschooled his whole life, and knows how to carpenter, build fence, help with the gardening and is learning how to run electrical wiring while we remodel. We have horses, dogs, a cat, a bunch of birds (budgies, quail, finches, chickens, guineas), rabbits and sugar gliders.
Meeko and Rikku, my first Sugar Gliders
I grew up with dogs and cats, and as we got older my Dad would bring home critters for us to keep for a while. We had everything from bull snakes to a baby Javelina, and a bunch of other animals in between. One of my memories of cats: One cat was rescued on the way to school one morning – I hollered at Dad that there was something alive on the side of the road, and he stopped the motorcycle. I hopped off and ran to pick up a tiny black kitten, which we stuffed into one of the saddlebags to take home. It was SO frightened by the time we got home to Mom, that it stuck to my arm with all twenty claws. We named him ‘Flypaper’, because you could stick him to the wall and he’d hang! This photo looks a lot like ‘Flypaper’ did when we found him…
I’ve published 30+ Pet Journals so far, and I’ve got a list as long as my arm of more to come. I’d love to see pet owners Journal about what their pets do, what they do with their pets, why they’re so important to us, and how much they add to our lives. I wrote My Sugar Glider Journal as a way to thank the lovely folks at the Arizona Sugar Glider Rescue and Hedgehog Mafia (a 501(c)3 non-profit) for introducing me to the magical world of Gliders, and haven’t looked back since. Here’s the link https://amzn.to/2xlars6 if you want to take a peek! After that, I wrote My Hedgehog Journal https://amzn.to/2J9XFBe . Both of these are set up to share profits with the AZ SGR, and I look forward to being able to send that donation this year! Then, I got caught up in the idea of helping people connect with their pets and with nature in general, and it’s gathering momentum… Now I have 30 books up on Amazon, and more on the way… Go take a peek at my Amazon author page:   amazon.com/author/leslieannehasty If I don’t have a Journal about YOUR pet, let me know! I usually get a new one out every few weeks, and I’ve got a long list. I’d be happy to do one JUST for YOU!