A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 120

Love trumps everything.  Love is always the high card in the “game” of life.  Love always wins.

Love, light, peace, joy.

These comprise the reality you are entitled to experience every day.

Lay down your burden of worry, of care, of discord.

Set it down like a suitcase full of old clothes that no longer fit.  Then walk away.

You don’t need that weight.  You don’t need to wear yourself out, carrying all that extra baggage. 

Pack your bag with love, light, joy and peace.  You’ll find these things weigh next to nothing!  These things will give you more energy, rather than siphoning off what energy you have.

Close your eyes and imagine how that feels.  Imagine boxing up your worries, your stress, your fears, and setting the box on the curb next to the trash.  Imagine how much lighter you’ll feel once they’re gone from your life.

And follow through!  I have to admit that I remind myself daily (and frequently more often) to let them go.  I have to keep putting them back in the box, and keep taking it to the trash.  Every day.  

Sooner or later, it’ll stick, and the struggle will become a memory.  That’s what freedom feels like.  That’s when I will embody lightness, joyfulness, and loving kindness.

Come along?  Let’s play the game of life, knowing we hold the high cards of love!

Have a lucky day today!

Photo by the New York Public Library, courtesy of Unsplash
With Grace and Gratitude, 


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