A Course in Miracles Experiment (by Pam Grout) Day 9

Be willing to believe that what you are seeing, isn’t necessarily the “truth” or the “fact”.  Because what you’re seeing is the result of all those millions of bits of information going through a screening process in the base of your brain, long before the  thoughts make it in to your conscious mind.

Just give it an inch or so.

Grant the possibility that there is an amazing world of possibilities, just waiting for you to decide about and focus on.I

Look at your computer, your morning coffee, and your favorite chair.  Three or four times today, remind yourself that “I don’t really see this computer, this coffee, this chair as it is now.”

 You don’t have to believe it.  Just admit that there might be more.

And have a joyful day today.  Catch that breeze and let it carry you.

Photo by JanBaby courtesy of Pixabay

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